About us 
Glowing hair grew out of an wish to make all women feel as glowing on their outside as they do on their inside.

As it's said that the hair is a woman's crown we feel that all women have the right to be able to buy high quality products no matter who they are or where they are.

Our online shop was launched in 2015 and we quickly became a favorite amongst our clients and in 2016 we are re-launching the brand as we believe good hair is a lifestyle we want to offer more than "just" hair. Our new website will offer tutorials, tips and more information on how you can get the most out of your hair. You will also get to follow us first hand on our social medias where we gladly post pictures of our glowing beauties and what goes on backstage on fashion shows, photoshoots and more.

We are glad you found us and we hope that you will stick around so we can get to know the glow in you! Connect with us by email or tagging us on social media: #GlowingBeauty #GlowingBeauties #GlowingHairSweden

Gudei om hur man handlar peruker